bow legged

Me and Ezack
Back from my two day horse trek into the wilds. I should totally become a gaucho, after two days I had the hat, the poncho, a wad of cocoa leaves in my mouth, totally going native! No, seriously though, the horse trip was brilliant. We had fantastic weather, blue skies, gorgeous scenery. It was Miguel (on Chiquito), Martina (on Calypso), me (on Ezak) and Amber carrying the food. Then there were our three dogs, Terri (short for terrible, hunts everything and half killed an armadillo yesterday), Gala and Dana. Martina and I spent most of the two days gossiping about the countries we’d travelled to, places we’d like to go, then we got onto the subject of boys and relationships and we were laughing so much Miguel started talking to Chiquito and deliberately laughing loudly saying they were discussing “boy things!”

Last night we camped out in the countryside, built a fire and cooked a fantastic asado, grilled meat, onions, potatoes, a bottle of red wine and some chocolate for dessert. Then Miguel fell asleep with Gala and Dana by the fire and Martina and I slept in the tent on the horse blankets, I slept so well! When I woke up there was a small slit open at the end of the tent through which I could see the blue skies and Calypso in the distance.

While Martina was packing up the camp Miguel and I took Ezak and Chiquito for a canter up the road into the nearby hills. Managed to stay on the horse, just about! Then it was about seven hours across the valley through scrub land, Miguel hacking through bushes with his Machete and finally taking a short cut through several farms to get back to Cafayate

It’s going to be sad to leave Cafayate, it’s been my favourite place in Argentina so far. The night before we left on the horses was the last night of the Greeks; Natassa, Michael and Katalina so Martina and I made chocolate mousse (my first!) and they cooked a huge chicken curry. Then we all ended up in a bar in town with the hostel’s two playboys, Fernando and Mariano drinking Fernet and Cuba Libres!

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