caballos en cafayate

Hola chicos, hace calor, en realidad hace un poco calor, pero el ciel es azul, no esta nevando y me gusta Cafayate. Es un pueblo in el norte casi tres horas dQuebrada de las conchase Salta y situado en un valle muy lindo con las bodegas de vino y todo alrededor hay muchas montanas.

Okay, for those non spanish speakers, I’m finally back in the sunshine. It’s still cold enough to freeze the bollocks off a horse at night, but the blue skies are back so I am happy. I left Tafi del Valle and for a while didn’t think the bus would make it out of the valley, it crawled up the frost covered road at a snails pace until finally we broke above the clouds and were on our way. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up three hours later we were driving past vineyards under a blue sky into a beautiful valley surrounded by forested mountains. The contrast was just remarkable.

Josiane and JulieSo here I am in Cafayate which I love. It’s a really small and charming town with a large leafy plaza and quiet streets populated by the most glossy, friendly street dogs I have ever come across. The hostel I’m staying in is lovely and the collective nationalities are Greek, Argentinan, French Canadian and German so everyone speaks Spanish, which actually has been fine. Plus last night Martina cooked everyone Goulash and Macaroni, including a gallon of red wine and a huge bag of doughnuts. We all huddled around the wood burner in the kitchen with my ipod speakers playing, feasting away! Seriously by 3am this morning I was speaking Spanish like a native!

Yesterday afternoon I went trekking through the Quebrada de las Conchas, a huge area of immense and strange rock formations along the road heading north. It was incredibly windy but worth it for some really spectacular views. Most of the rock is either rose coloured or a deep orange and in places different coloured sediments have formed over the years to produce outcrops of folded and twisted multi coloured layers. Tomorrow I have the difficult task of buying woolly socks, finding a sleeping bag and then on Friday I’m off horse riding for two days and sleeping out in the wild. I must be mad!

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