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I am Legend

Not me obviously, I’m talking about the film which I went to see, a little apprehensively yesterday evening in Bombay. I love the Richard Mathieson book and was terrified that the combined forces of Will Smith and Hollywood would have … Continue reading

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we need more power!

Some things in India are reliably bizarre. Power blackouts for example. They will generally occur during any of the following situations: 10 minutes before the climax of a film you are watching on TV or half way through the season … Continue reading

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mysterious girl

Well six countries in as many months and no debilitating diseases as of yet (touch wood), I should be thankful that the worst I’ve suffered in India is a bad cold. Not that this stopped me feeling sorry for myself, … Continue reading

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bombay mix

On Friday evening I had just about recovered for the previous night where a post work business meeting near Koregan park in an unassuming restaurant called Prem somehow got a little out of hand and Ayesha, Lianna and I ended … Continue reading

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