Claire v Delhi: 15-0

Arrive at Old Delhi station at 7am, not at New Delhi which was where I thought I was arriving, so I had to get an autorickshaw across town. Taxi driver no. 1 offers to drive me to Paharganj (tourist central) for, get this, 400 rupees. I laughed so hard I started choking and the driver maintained a look of complete innocence.

“How much you want?”
“50 rupees”
“No possible madam, very long way.”
“Bollox, it’s 15 minutes, 50 rupees.”
“400 rupees Madam.”
“Where’s the prepaid stand?”
“No prepaid stand here Madam.”
“What’s that booth saying Autorickshaw prepaid stand over there?”

Silence. I walk off. Another man approaches.

“Rickshaw Madam?”
“How much to Paharganj?”
“150 rupees Madam.”
“50 rupees.”
“No Madam. 150 rupees.”

Madam goes to the booth and gets a prepaid rickshaw to Paharganj, guess how much it was. 50 rupees. Thank you very much, 15-love to Claire.

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