fortune cookies, condoms and chaos

WUP poster1┬áBusy busy week in Pune. Not helped by the fact that three nights over the weekend were spent indulging in a significant amount of Kingfisher beer. Also, surprisingly a bloody (literally) good steak in a restaurant found by Dave, Carole and Gill. Indian food is great and I’ve no problem with having a mainly vegetarian diet but my god, it felt good to have a steak again!

All the younger LINK volunteers who’d been travelling for the past few weeks got back on Sunday night so the house is pretty much full to bursting, and the somewhat more chilled out, laid-back atmosphere that has been so nice, has burst and things are back to feeling like we are living in boarding school once again! Still, it was nice to see everyone again!

So this week we are all out putting up my lovely World AIDS Day posters, sorting out leaflets with shopping malls and planning street dance performances, getting red ribbon iced cookies and fortune cookies done for December 1st and getting slides done to hand out to the cinemas on Thursday. Crazy days. Someone is also going to have the fun job of putting 1000 condoms into little white boxes and tieing them up with red ribbon. We have been given the okay to hand out condoms, but only if they don’t look like condoms! Don’t ask, even oral sex is technically illegal in India, seriously! And on Saturday night about 1000 of the inhabitants of Tadiwala Road slum in Pune are going to have the delights of watching a group of us do a Bollywood dance performance at the Celebration fo Life Rally being held for World AIDS Day. Our friend Rujuta is a dancer in her spare time and is teaching us a dance all this week…there is a lot of jumping involved…

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