mysterious girl

Well six countries in as many months and no debilitating diseases as of yet (touch wood), I should be thankful that the worst I’ve suffered in India is a bad cold. Not that this stopped me feeling sorry for myself, however, as I lay feeling weak and snotty in the volunteer house living room reduced to watching our only English movie channel which had such delights as ‘Predator 2’ and ‘Home Alone’, and let’s not forget the chick flick about the mermaid…actually I did rather enjoy that one. By Saturday life had started to return to me again and thankfully I felt sufficiently perked up to leave the confines of the house and went to do exciting things like booking bus tickets for Goa and Hampi over Devali break. Actually I did manage to plough through a good couple of books in my sickness including Adrien Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction which was hilarious, I’d forgotten how funny Sue Townsend is. I’ve also started reading Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder which I remember really loving about nine years ago. I’m finding it a little less enthralling this time round mainly because I find Sophie, the main character self-centered, abrupt, rude and totally uncharismatic. Funny how your perceptions of things will change over the years.

Me looking… was off out on Saturday night and I finally agreed to come as long as we weren’t going anywhere too crazy I should be okay for a few beers. And if you can’t see where this is going then you clearly don’t know me very well. We ventured over the river into Kalyani Nagar to an outside bar restaurant called Soho which was very cool but with a surprisingly large number of white people. It’s amazing how defensive we all get when we spot loads of other non locals, you’d think we had the prestige of being the only ones! We ran into Mike, the guy who runs the Sahara HIV care home, and ended up heading off with him and our Ethiopian student friends to a hip hop party in a nearby hotel bar. I’m amazed there were that many black people in Pune, all students I think, and it ended up being a very late and very entertaining night, lots of dancing and some excellent music…although what Mysterious Girl was doing cropping up in the middle of a hip hop night is beyond me. Peter Andre, for the record, they love you in Pune! We are waiting to be lectured on coming back two hours after curfew. Seriously, I’m 27 years old and I have a curfew…don’t get me started!

Sunday afternoon picnic Sunday was a lazy day, Sophie, Aeysha, Jo and I went for a picnic in the Empress Gardens with our ipod, speakers and lots of cake and biscuits from the Diamond Bakery near our road. Sadly the botanical gardens is currently being slightly refurbished but we found a peaceful spot away from prying eyes and sat down on rugs for food and scrabble.

Painting “Diya” for DivaliToday our fragile internet connection has finally given up the ghost despite my attempts to decode the rather complicated wiring system and everyone is rather vague as to when the engineer might arrive. So I have done all I can in the office and decamped to the internet cafe to access the rest of the big wide world. It really is a worrying sign that without the internet I feel slightly like I’m trying to get things done with only one hand. It’s taking over my life….

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