never trust the weather man

friday13th.jpgJust to make everyone back in London feel happier, while it´s been warm and sunny this weekend in the UK, it decided to drizzle on and off all weekend in Argentina. It didn´t even occur to me to bring an umbre

Friday night was excellent, but still really early by local standards. It’s really bizarre to be walking through the main night life area in Palermo Hollywood at 9.30pm and find everywhere almost totally deserted. The usual suspects, Nero, Curtis, Rebecca and myself, decided to meet up at a fairly trendy bar and, as we arrived unfashionably early, got a great table with white cushions on the roof terrace underneath the stars. (It hadn´t started raining yet). We drank red wine (which is cheaper than the beer here) and cuba libres all night and slagged off our respective nations (the UK, USA and Australia respectively)! I think we called it a night about 3.30am which was pretty much as things were kicking off. Suddenly understanding the need for the latin amercian siesta.

Since the trusty weatherman had promised sunshine and happiness all day Saturday we planned to go up to Tigre, a river delta area one hour north of town. There was no sun, no blue sky and lots of rain so we ended up spending the day stopping off the tourist train up the coast and drinking Submarinos (amazing hot drinks, they give you a glass of hot milk and dunk a huge slab of chocolate inside!) and then had lunch in Tigre and watched the rain. The area does look pretty cool though so we´re going to head back up the first hot afternoon after school. I did get to have my first full on ridiculous argentian meat fest though. Our Norweigan friend Taral and I decided to get a grilled platter for two which not only contained really good joints of beef and pork but some other more unusual cow body parts. Liver, kidneys (they were a bit tough actually) and blood sausage. Now I was all over the blood sausage, really nice, until Basha, one of the German girls, casually informed me it was made from blood (well I guessed that much) but also randon other cow bits including cows ears. Which would explain the odd bits of gristle. I kind of gave up on the sausage after that!

Saturday night we went out to see a tango orchestra, Raul Garello and his orchestra in a cool little darkened cafe venue with spotlit tables and exposed brickwork. Raul was the leader and the accordian player which was really cool, who knew an instrument shaped like a overgrown caterpillar could be so expressive. They also had a really fantastic violinist who did some amazing solos. The guest singer when he came on looked about 18 with these cute dimples but when he started singing had this beautiful really deep rich voice which was so unexpected. Afterwards we went for dinner, which at 11pm, was just the right time to eat in Buenos Aires.

Today my Guyanian New Yorker, Nero, and I decided to pop over to Uruguay for the day, well why not, the rain had stopped and I´m all for another stamp in the passport. The ferry takes an hour to go over to Colonia del Sacramento which is a really cute cobbled town overlooking the Rio del Plata. We visited all the craft shops, climbed the lighthouse and had a long lunch with lots of wine in this brilliant brightly coloured cafe called, bizarrely, El Drugstore. colonia.jpg
We got back just in time to catch the weekly weekend craft fair in Recoleta which has the most amazing jewellery, I´ve so far bought two pairs of earrings and a ring. Everything really is so cheap but still, I´m not sure my daily budget will support this jewellery habit much longer!

Buenos Noches!

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