post Brazilian blues

Me surfingJosefina and I, surfing ItacareI’m currently sitting in the spare room of my parent’s house in Surrey and, depsite the fact I left a Sao Paulo drenched in rain and came back to a relatively warm and sunny English day, I feel a little blue to have left Brazil behind me. My final night I met up with a friend of a friend, Caro, in Sao Paulo and went to an awesome Samba club called Tom club with a live band, brilliant singers and some seriously impressive samba dancers showing off their moves on the floor. Now I’ve never been one to shy away from busting the odd move on the dancefloor but even I was wise enough to realise I was probably quite far out of my league. Still Caro’s friend Gabriel persuaded me to dance a few songs with him and I think I kind of got the hang of things.

My final day in Brazil, it rained, and rained and rained. Whether on some weird level the climate was trying to prepare me for all the rains and floods that have been going on in England I don’t know but I got pretty wet. Managed to eventually, after 40 minutes of walking around in the rain find a large music store on Avenue Paulista. For a country so obesessed with music they sure make it bloody hard to find a shop selling the stuff! Or maybe that’s just my bad sense of direction? Well I managed to find ones by Funk Com legusta, Nacao Zombie and Vanessa de Mata and this evening I’ve been having dinner with Mum and Dad, sipping my Gabriella (cachaca with cloves and cinnamon) and listening to samba music in the background. Not quite as good as the real thing, but close enough and it is nice, I confess, to be home. And nicer still to know I’m off adventuring again on Sunday!

I just have to include the following photos I got sent by Josefina as I definitely look like a proper surfing chick, even if I only managed to stand up twice!

In the water
the gang in Itacare

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