running for the bus and running out of time

Hanging out in Arraial A’juda

It was with a wrench that I finally said goodbye to Itacare, in fact I nearly didn’t make it out of the town at all. After our final night of dancing away until the wee hours in Piri Lampa club we got back to the hostel around about 5.30am. I thought I’d just have a small lie down before getting up to finish packing and get my 7.15am bus with the boys. The next thing I knew Valentin was shaking me awake saying something about it being 7.05am.

7.05am! Shit! I literally lept out of bed as my stomach did that horrible turning over feeling. I scrambled to get dressed and pick up various bits of clothing, bikinis, flip flips and shampoo around the room in the semi darkness, threw it into my rucksack and legged it out of the hostel. Valentin, Rob and I ran the 5 mins to the bus stop at full pelt and just burst onto the platform as the bus was closing it´s doors and driving off! Banging on the door he finally stopped and let us in!

On the boat to Porto Seguro

It was not the best bus journey in the world, hot, sticky, we were all tired, hungry and without any water between us. When the bus eventually stopped for food we tumbled out thankfully to refuel. About eight hours later, two taxi rides and a boat trip the three of us and another Australian girl from Itacare found ourselves on the Brazilian seaside resort of Arraial A’ajuda and checking into a big colonial style orange and blue house. Our own room complete with a fridge soon cheered us up and before long it was well stocked with beers, vodka and limes!

Arraial A’ajuda was a nice place to hang out for a day until my long long long bus journey to Sao Paulo, very touristy and full of lots of Brazilians enjoying their winter holidays but pretty none the less. Sadly the one day I had to chill out, maybe go to the beach, or the water park, it rained pretty much on off all day! Still we went shopping, ate ice cream, lounged around and managed to do absolutely nothing constructive which suited me just fine. We had planned to go out to some bars and clubs on the Friday evening but we were scuppered by Rob introducing us to a drinking game called pyramids. It’s a game of wit, of skil, of memory and most importantly it gets you as drunk as a skunk. By midnight we just about managed to stagger into town for some pizza and then collectively decided that bed was the only possible option!

The next day was bright and sunny so I got up and went for a walk along the long stretch of beach 15 minutes from town while the others slept in nursing their hangovers. Then I got the boat back across to Porto Seguro and boarded the 26 hour bus that would take me to Sao Paulo. It was not as bad as I feared. I got to watch a really good Brazilian film called “2 Filhos de Francisco” which wonderfully had english subtitles. We also got to watch “Ice Age 2” which was quite funny and not really a film that required a huge understanding of the portuguese language although, I have to agree with the film critic Mark Kemode, it does maybe signify the death of narrative cinema, although contrary to his suggestion I didn’t think a bus of Brazilians would have really understood if I’d stood up to annouce this!

So now I’m back in Sao Paulo until my flight tomorrow night and the main thing consolling my sadness at leaving this country with which I have fallen so much in love, apart from seeing my friends and family (of course), is the seventh Harry Potter book currently waiting for me with my post…and yes, I know just how sad that makes me! Chau!

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