spoons and the seven lakes

Mount Tronador from Pampa Linda

There were lakes which were stunningly beautiful, then there was food, there was a drinking game called spoons, there was beer, there was dancing, there was Elvis and Shakira and at some point around 6am there were empanadas. Now there is tiredness and hungoverness and I am going in search of banana licuardos!

Okay, banana licuardo done, feeling a little more human and I have just a few more hours left in Bariloche. This place has been a lot of fun this past week. Wednesday was a long trip through the national park and a series of short walks. Driving along the lake you see the snow covered peak of Mount Tronador in the background. We walked to two beautiful slender waterfalls, one in a grove through a forest of bamboo and the other overlooking a sheer drop into the mountains. We also walked to a black glacier, small but pretty cool with a lake covered in ice. I have been temporarily adopted by the boys, Phil, Glen and Gary who were very entertaining all day.

Thursday was a non crazy adventure day, checked email, did laundry and hung out with Craig eating chocolate (a local obession), drinking coffee and watching the Motorcycle Diaries with spanish subtitles. That film is so much more interesting to watch from Argentina than it is back in the UK, especially when a lot of the filing is of places you are in or going to in the next few weeks!

Seven lakes road trip
Yesterday the boys and I hired a car and went off to drive the seven lakes route from Bariloche up to Saint Martin de Los Andes. Really beautiful day and a beautiful drive that goes past, well seven lakes. The road is a dirt track for about half of it but the views are stunning. We had a picnic lunch by a farm at one of the lakes with white ducks running around and calfs mooing loudly in the background. Whilst stopping en route back to town with 150km still to go we got a puncture. I start to internally panic and wonder what to do when I notice the boys are merrily getting the spare tyre out of the boot and changing it over. Do they take guys aside when they reach puberty and just teach them this stuff, I would not have had a clue! Tyre changed and we managed to get back in time for dinner at the hostel. After which things got rather entertaining, we moved onto a famous Irish pub in town called Wilkenneys where there was much beer and more dancing. Especially when Craig and I requested Cara Luna, our favourite spanish song from school in Bariloche (everyone else thought we were mad but it’s a fab song!). So three hours sleep and I’m still standing but looking forward to sleeping blissfully on the luxury transport they call buses in Argentina!

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