sun, sea, sand, surf…did I miss something?


Sometimes when travelling you just seem to arrive in the perfect place, with the perfect group of people at the perfect time and nowhere could be truer of Itacare. I arrived in this laid back beach town just after sunset on a warm evening and my initial plans to stay for a day or two quickly went right out of the window. Within two hours of arriving I was sitting sipping passion fruit cocktails in a little street side bar with some new friends, resting my havaianas up on the table and thinking that this travelling lifestyle really is pretty hard work!

On Praia da Concha

We’ve had a group of about 10 of us from 8 different countries which is fairly impressive; Josefina (Argentina), Valentin (Austria), Kevin (France), Marcus (Germany), Lucilla (Italy), Ana (Spain), Fernando (Brazil), Thomas and Anya (Norway), Rob (UK), Lucy (Germany) and myself.

Sunset in Itacare

I´ve been to beautiful palm tree-lined sandy beaches in between stretches of jungle, been surfing ( I stood up twice and had my first “drop” which was absolutely amazing, since when I´ve been falling all over the place), swam, trekked through the jungle to remote beaches, drank from coconuts (tried juggling them too but not so successful), drunk more cachaca than can possibly be good for one person in a lifetime, stayed up every night partying in the clubs, until after sunrise, to Reggae, electronica and Brazilian funk (though not in the same night), gone skinny dipping on the beach at 5am and had a huge black lizard henna tattoo on my arm…and despite all this I feel pretty lively, relaxed and, surprisingly, not that tired!

Kevin with the Favela barmenSo we are off to have pizza tonight, drinks with our favourite barmen in the Favela bar, drinking caiparinhas with passion fruit, and then to dance until dawn, at which point I have to come back, grab my rucksack to get a 7am bus to finally take me away from this little paradise and one step closer to home.

Josefina and I

Today we hired surf boards and walked about an hour to get to the furthest beach in town called Prainha, a pale sand sweep lined with palm trees and white crested waves crashing into the shore. After 40 minutes of getting churned up by the waves trying to stand up on my long board I collasped under the coconut palms with the others, looking up through the leaves at the blue clear sky and wondering if life can really get much better than this…

my lizard

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