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I’ve spent the past few days chilling out in Cordoba, a big student town…in fact I accidentally gate-crashed a graduation ceremony yesterday morning which was quite interesting. It was a nice return to civilisation, lots of people in the hostel, got to watch Liverpool loose to AC Milan, sorry but after beating West Ham in the FA Cup final last year they had it coming! Spent yesterday afternoon visiting an old Jesuit Estancia north of Cordoba with a swiss girl from the hostel, Francie. It was a beautiful chapel and courtyards but, given that it took an hour bus ride and a rather expensive cab journey 14km down a dirt track to get there, not entirely sure whether it was entirely worth the effort but hey, all good fun.

Francie and I in Baluch Backpackers

I actually cooked dinner for myself last night. Now I’m not sure how I’ve managed to avoid this for the three weeks I’ve been hostelling it, but finally I had to get out the pots and pans and get stuck in. I got so carried away I even made porridge for myself this morning. Actually the porridge was definitely a necessity after the previous night. Typically how these things go is; you are merrily drinking a quiet beer chatting to people in the hostel and then the next thing it’s 2am and everyone is on their way out to a club, I’m so easily led. This time it was a club called Carreras about 15 mins out of town, we managed miraculously to get through the hoards at the entrance (it is only the English that can appreciate an orderly queue) and inside, I think on the basis that we spoke English, (drunken Argentians really love the English)! I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a packed club in my life, we were dancing like sardines to lots of cheesy music (the Argentinos love a bit of Here Comes the Hotstepper it gets played everywhere!) and then randomly, at around 4am, to an Argentian rock band. Not sure if the whole Indie rock thing quite works in Spanish but the crowd were loving it! Got back at 6.30am, then had to get up at 10.30am to check out, clever no?

Anyway I have gone on another of my random detours and am now in the very cute town called La Cumbre in the Cordoban sierras and I’m off paragliding in the morning! Right, time to go and forrage for food, I tell you, this travelling business is hard work…

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