we need more power!

Some things in India are reliably bizarre. Power blackouts for example. They will generally occur during any of the following situations:

  1. 10 minutes before the climax of a film you are watching on TV or half way through the season finale of LOST
  2. Just as you are going to sleep on a hot night and the electric powered ceiling fan is the only thing keeping you cool
  3. When you urgently need to get anything requiring a computer or a fax machine done in a hurry
  4. Thursday afternoons starting between 2-4pm and lasting until about 7.30pm.

The house has been very bizarre this week. The supervisor, Aunty, had a huge blow out with the cook Kamal early in the week which meant Kamal seemed to have gone on strike for 3 days. No more over-boiled eggs for breakfast. I’d only just forgiven her for pillaging the entire box of Earl Grey tea bags when she ran out of tea leaves for the morning tooth-enamel-Kamal in the Kitchenmelting sweet chai! Also Manda who usually stays at night times to supervise us has been away so for the past few nights we have been footloose and fancy free. (Useful for a spot of mid week boozing and being able to come back at midnight without fear of reprisals!) Co-founder of DeepGriha, the Revered Basker came around and was planning on staying overnight to check all was fine, but upon realising there was a man (Emmanuel, 21, French, wouldn’t say bonjour to a goose) in the house decided we would be fine without his protection! Clearly all the strong, willful female personalities in the house were not deemed sufficient enough. Gotta love these patriarchal societies. Interestingly I think I am experiencing what it must have been like to go to boarding school…when the Reverend rocked up, everyone ran into my room to hide all the empty beer bottles in the toilet, (in theory we are not allowed alcohol in the house) and after he left we sat up till 4am drinking the rest and watching cheesy films on Lianna’s laptop and smoking cigarettes out of the window!

Just finished Stupid White Men by Michael Moore, interesting and illuminating but I feel he really should have included himself in the title.

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