Going barmy in Barcelona

gaudi chimneysLa Sagrada FamiliarGaudi houseWhat do you when Ryan air are offering ridiculously cheap flights on the web, you book four tickets for you and friends to spend the weekend in Barcelona for less than the train fare to Stanstead airport. So it was an unusally warm weekend in November that Sophie, Becca, Nicky and I found ourselves strolling down the ramblas, discovering hidden bars above the Place Real, walking along the sea front, drinking coffee, eating tapas, partying the night away in enormous clubs and winding our way around the stairwells of the crazy Ls Sagrada Familiar. We sat nursing hangovers in the sun on the roof of theĀ  Manzana de la Discordia, admiring the slightly off-the-wall architecture against the blue Spanish sky.

Gaudi carving, la Sagrada FamiliarOut on the town