Dzongs and Divine Madmen

Punahka (60)SMOur shortened trek did mean we had time to visit Punakha, another town three hours drive from Thimpu. The dzong is one of the most beautiful in the of country, sitting at the confluence of two rivers in the base of the valley, framed by lilac flowers. We also visited the temple of the divine madman, one of Bhutan’s most beloved, and from the stories, most lecherously drunken saints. We walked through rice paddy fields back to the road and saw some of Bhutan’s prevalent phallic house paintings that definitely left little to the imagination!

Punahka (111)SMPunahka (120)SM

We ended up trip in Kathmandu which compared to the calm, relaxed, peaceful atmosphere that pervades everywhere in Bhutan, Kathmandu was quite an assault on the senses. We walked up then busy steps to the monkey temple and then sought refuge in my favourite place in Kathmandu, the Garden of Dreams.