about me

img_1054.JPGSo the boring stuff, my name’s Claire, I’m 26, living in London (at the moment), half English, half Nigerian which makes me a mongrel I guess, well all up for the hybrid vigour (I did Biology at university, it sometimes shows). I have been known to play a mean game of tennis, take not half bad photographs, prove highly likely to end up crooning Son of a Preacher Man wherever I find a microphone and (thanks to several courses) make an exhibition of myself whenever alcohol and poles can be found together. My love of books has recently exposed a weakness for sci-fi which is fuelling leanings towards geekdom (inherited from my Dad) – which is why I got so excited at the thought of having my ow travelling blog!

I’m shortly to be ceasing my marketing career at L’Oreal and venturing off around the world. Well actually, rather than take the more predictable round-the-world-route I’m going on a slightly more random tangent to fit in all the places I’ve been saving for a rainy day. So I’m starting in Buenos Aires then spending some time in Argentina and Brazil, then popping home to say hi to the parents before heading across to Sri Lanka for a wedding, up to Nepal for some hard core trekking and rafting (to make full use of the 40 adventure sports covered by my travel insurance), a few months in India and finally over to South East Asia. So to avoid the sending of lengthy emails I’m putting all the trials, triumphs and train journeys, places, people and photographs into the blog instead.

And as for the name – well, does anyone remember pigeon street?

And if you’d like to email me to say hi…see below