the plan

Since everyone keeps asking me where I’m going and I keep forgetting half the time, here is the rough plan of where I will be and when. So if anyone fancies a holiday feel free to drop me an email and come along for the ride.

April: Spanish school in Buenos Aires

May – July: Pottering around Argentina & Brazil

23rd – 29th July: Pit stop in the UK – I have to get an Indian visa in London so will be about for a day or two!

August: Sri Lanka for Joe and Shahila’s wedding!

September: Trekking and chilling out in Nepal, visiting holy lakes, buying brightly coloured flags etc!

October – December: I’m acutally doing some work (!) for an organisation called Deep Griha in Pune, India using my L’Oreal marketing skills to hopefully make the world a slightly better place. And then I’m going to try and spend some time enjoying the immense diversity of India without getting food poisoning until early 2008.

Feb 2008: popping across to Bangkok – getting a whole bundle of exciting visas and heading off around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and possibly Malaysia. Who knows, but there will be temples, hill tribes, boat trips, elephant massages, scuba diving, beer drinking, crazy bus rides, killing fields, beach huts, noodles and chopsticks involved.

End of May 2008: Home. At this point there will be a life crisis as no doubt I will have no job, no home and no idea what to do with my life. Answers on a postcard! Vague idea that it might be possible to come back overland via Beijing, Moscow and through Europe…any takers?